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About us

Hi everyone! We are BeauPress – an international web-design & development agency.

BeauPress combines a strong technical background with a great strategic vision to achieve the beauty. We always mind and place the beauty on the top. We create the latest trendy creative WordPress theme with practical use and exceptional web experiences that your audience will never forget. BeauPress isn’t just a company, it’s a community, and we cling to the community-centric values. We love WordPress, we love Open Source, and most of all we love building great things for our amazing customers.

We’re a team of experienced web designers & web developers passionate about web design. Last 5 years we specialize on creating professionally looking and easy to use WordPress Themes and Plugins.

We hold creative at our core, and rally behind a shared passion for simple, beautiful design.

Ha PhamFounder




Passing 5 years developing, Beautheme has trusted by many customers who always support and cooporate with us. Our path and dedication with our works made many agencies reach the best technology and strategic levels; put Beautheme in the highest level to help their clients and partners to achieve the best results with their ventures. Happiness of our customers is our success.

Meet The Team

Ha Pham
Ha PhamFounder
Hung Trieu
Hung TrieuCOO
Kiem Hoang
Kiem HoangDeveloper
Kim Anh
Kim AnhCreative Designer
Tung Bach
Tung BachDeveloper
Tam Cao
Tam CaoMarketer
Huy Nguyen
Huy NguyenWeb Designer
Chau Giang
Chau GiangCreative Designer
Linh Bui
Linh BuiDeveloper
Minh Hao
Minh HaoWeb Designer
Tinh Vu
Tinh VuDeveloper
Nhu Trang
Nhu TrangGraphic Designer
Dat Pham
Dat PhamDeveloper
Ha Thanh
Ha ThanhWeb Designer
Hue Dao
Hue DaoMarketer
Viet Dzoan
Viet DzoanCreative Designer
Van Manh
Van ManhDeveloper
Yen Ha
Yen HaWeb Designer
Giang Tran
Giang TranTester
Phong Lee
Phong LeeGraphic Designer

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