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The Chemex is one of the most iconic designs in specialty coffee, having received pop-culture status. Beyond its beautiful design, though, it creates an exquisite cup of coffee. The thicker paper filter helps to filter out some of the oils and create an exceptionally clean and nuanced cup of coffee. Chemex Brewing Guide 10 Steps to Perfect Chemex Coffee Preparing your morning cup with a Chemex might be the cleanest and best way to brew coffee. A Chemex is a glass container pour-over that looks like an hourglass.

The Chemex is one of the great tools to make your perfect pour over coffee. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you should try the Chemex. I guarantee you’ll love it. For one, it’s a great showpiece on your countertop. Second, its design is proven and long-lasting it has been around since the 1940’s. And finally, produces top of the line. For tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee visit our brewing guide section. Making coffee at home? We will show you tips and tricks to transform your coffee brewing and show you how to make delicious coffee. Our brew guide covers all coffee making methods. This page covers Chemex brewing, use ground coffee or whole bean.

In fact, it allows you to brew a very “clean” cup of coffee. Another feature is the shape of the carafe. It allows the oxygenation of the coffee, so the aromas can grow and spread to the best. How to Make Coffee with a Chemex. Making coffee with a Chemex is kind. The Chemex is iconic. Featured in the MOMA, Smithsonian design, and on many of our kitchen counters, it is Eden Marie Abramowicz brew method of choice. I met up with Eden, our Director of Coffee, to talk about cup quality, quirky inventors, and how to brew a perfect Chemex cup. Note: The amount of coffee and water varies depending on the type of coffee you are brewing and your preferred strength. As a starting point, we recommend using 50 grams of coffee and 700 grams of water about 25 ounces, and then adjust according to your taste. Weigh out the coffee and grind to a coarseness resembling sea salt. Step 8: Enjoy the perfect cup. Pour your freshly made coffee into your CHEMEX ® mug and indulge in the flavor. Stay warm. In order to keep your coffee warm you may place the CHEMEX ® directly on either a glass stove top or gas flame both at low heat. Step into any specialty coffee shop and you’ll probably see at least one pour over coffee device. The V60 and Chemex have been aroundCoffee Basics Coffee Consumers Filter & Manual Brewing. August 24, 2017. The Perfect Daily Grind Holiday Gift Guide 2019. November 27, 2019.

Chemex. An iconic brewer with a timeless design invented in 1941, the Chemex is easy to use and easy on the eyes. The Chemex is housed in the MOMA permanent design collection —it also lives on most of our kitchen counters, too. It brews a clean cup and maintains body and balanced floral notes. All About Coffee Beans – Espresso & Coffee Guide. Roasters will frequently blend in robusta beans for additional flavor and caffeine. Thank You! for visiting Espresso Coffee Guide and Reading All About Coffee!

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